Disney’s Frozen Stirs Controversy in US

I am a little surprised that Disney’s new film, Frozen, is being met with mixed reviews from parents. Although Disney traditionally peddles fantasy scenarios to our children, I’m happy that they finally broke out of the tired, whirlwind romance plot line. Frozen’s themes are more in tune with the cultural messages we should be sending to our children. And to that I say, “Bravo!”

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2013 Portrayal of Women in Media

A friend recently sent me this link. It clearly conveys the beliefs American culture embraces regarding women. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year…

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October Is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It seems that as soon as one disturbing case of domestic violence disappears from the local or national news it is quickly replaced with another. In fact, so far in 2013, 31 people have been killed in domestic violence incidents in Minnesota. That’s up from eighteen people in 2012. But where is the public outcry?

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Free Ebook Download Available

You can still download a complete electronic copy of my first novel, While Seeking Dragonflies, at Smashwords for free until the end of September 2013. The Smashwords site includes most popular electronic formats including ePub and PDF versions. You’ll also get free updated electronic versions of the novel in the future, if I make any revisions.

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Abuse in High School Dating Relationships Common

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my long hiatus from my blog. As some of you may be aware, I am also a teacher, and in the United States a new school year has just begun.  I’ve been preoccupied all that goes with it –  writing curriculum, attending staff meetings, and getting things off to a good start with my new students. I’m hopeful my life will return to “normal”  in the next couple of weeks, whatever that means…

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Moby’s Remarks

I am not the only one noticing the misogynistic trends in American culture today, but sadly, the trend is not limited to literature. Moby comments on it during this interview. “Blurred Lines” is just another example of the subtle acceptance of misogyny that has infiltrated our culture in recent years. (If you are unfamiliar with the lyrics to this song, you can easily find them online.) I wonder how many young women are dancing to this song at night clubs without really giving a serious thought at all to the lyrics.